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If you want to pretend you're an orchestra, use the Guiter Synthesizer

If you want to pretend you're an orchestra, use the Guiter Synthesizer


Erstauslieferung: Winter 1977

Preis bei Auslieferung: ??? DM

Der Guitar Controller GR-500 wurde von einer extra dafür gefertigen Controller-Gitarre GS-500 angesteuert.

Später auch erhältlich als GR-300 und

«The Roland GR/GS-500 paraphonic guitar synthesizer system was introduced in 1977, and it laid the foundation for the very successful Roland vintage 24-pin guitar synthesizers, like the GR-300 and GR-700, that would follow a few years later.

The GR/GS-500 uses the same 24-pin cable as the later synths, and many of the control voltages, string outputs, etc. are the same across all the synths, with slight variations.

The different systems are not 100% compatible, but can be engineered to work together with a few modifications.

The GR-500 has five sections: Guitar, Polyensemble, Bass, Solo Melody, and External synth ...»

ROLAND: GR-500 mit Gitarre GS-500

ROLAND: GR-500 mit Gitarre GS-500

Bild aus GEAR by Miloco



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JONESS: Roland GR-500 Paraphonic Guitar Synthesizer

ROLANDMUSEUM: Roland GS-500: Guitar Controller GS-500 (Steuer-Gitarre für GR-500)


Einige Ausstattungsmerkmale:

  • Guitar-Section: Equalizer ON/OFF, Equalizer Frequency
  • Poly-Ensemble-Section: Voicing-Volume, Wood, Soft Reed, Brass, Strings
  • Bass-Section: Voicing-Volume, Percussion, Soft, Hard, Decay (long/short), String selective switch
  • Envelope-Generator: Attack, Decay, Sustain
  • Solo Melody-Section: Pulsewidth Modulation (LFO/Manual/Env), Mixer (Square 16',8', Saw 8', Poly-Ensemble), VCF Frequency, Resonance, LFO-Frequency
  • Modulation: Envelope, LFO, Pitchfollower, Pedal-Control
  • VCA: Initial Gain, Envelope, Touch Sense (2/1/off)
  • Ext Synth-Section: Transpose, Portamento Time
  • Maße: 603 x 154 x 309 mm


Feature von JONESS: Roland GR-500 Paraphonic Guitar Synthesizer

Daten aus JONESS (WayneJoness)

Demo von YouTube: Roland GR-500 Polyensemble Section - Infinite Sustain Engage! (WayneJoness)

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